PERSONAL BIO BENISE NECHANG is the Founder of Zoe Health Foundation Non-Governmental Organization a Health Organization that takes care of the health need of underprivileged people and Adolescent Girls and Young Women in the society, Fights against Gender Inequality and encourages quality Education for the underprivileged. She has over 10years experience working in the Health Domain.

She is a UN Peace Ambassador, a Global Goodwill ambassador and a Cameroon- Israel Hi-Tech Alumni for the year 2019. She has reached out to over 10,000 Internally Displaced Individuals, orphans and refugees in the campaigns she carries out in her community and other parts of the Country. She is currently working on a mobile clinic project where she organizes health campaigns in different IDP and Refugee camps and handles the health needs of the people.

This campaign has so far established three health centers in IDP and Refugee camps in Two Regions of the country. She is a senior nurse with a Bachelor’s Of Technology in Nursing Sciences and a Higher professional Diploma in Medico- Sanitary Pharmaceuticals.

She loves music and reading. ORGANISATION BIO Zoe Health Foundation is a non-governmental organization which focuses on the health needs of the underprivileged people, women empowerment and gender equality and quality education. The vision is for all underprivileged people to have access to Primary Health care and that they should have access to education and their women should be empowered to carry out sustainable activities.

The Organization started work in 2018 but because of political instability in the country, we only got registered in 2020. The organization has reached out to at least 6000 people with about 30 projects one of which was the Prevention of COVID-19 programs in which we distributed facemasks and hand sanitizers to over 500 adolescent girls and young women and medical personnel in other hospitals and health centers in Douala and Yaoundé.

We aspire to carry out two mobile clinic health outreaches to provide preventive treatment for malaria to children below 5years, pregnant women and lactating mothers at the refugee camp in Yassa-Douala. We also plan on taking more sustainable measures to fight against COVID-19 by December 2021

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